Heavy Duty Series

Kleenso Multi Action Degreaser 500ML

Kleenso Multi-Action Concentrated Degreaser is specially formulated for effective removal of stubbor.....

Kleenso Air-Cond Coil Cleaner

Kleenso Air-Cond Coil Cleaner is a specially formulated chemistry to clean the aluminium coil .....

Kleenso Cement Stain Remover 1 Litre

Kleenso Cement Stain Remover is an effective acid based liquid mixture specially designed to deal .....

Kleenso Concentrated Stain Remover 1Litre

Kleenso Concentrated Stain Remover for mosaic & toilet is specially formulated for effective rem.....

Kleenso No More Clog 1 Litre

WHERE IT WORKSSafe for garbage disposals, bathroom, kitchen and other drains, like laundry sinks.HO.....

Kleenso Non-Caustic Clog Remover 300g

Fast acting to clean even the toughest clogs! Heat release formula works immediately to melt down o.....

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